Project Beauty

Project Beauty

Project Beauty is a nationwide movement focusing on true beauty & self-acceptance in teen girls. Everyday on social media and in our society an unrealistic expectation of perfection is promoted for women.

This shoot will be the exact opposite of that. It will be raw, authentic, empowering, makeupless, black & white, and accurately depict how beauty should be portrayed. My particular focus for this project will be to help young women embrace their inner beauty through portraiture.

If your response to this is, “I’m ugly without makeup, or I’m too awkward in front of the camera, or any other self-loathing/self-deprecating comment about yourself.”  You are exactly who I want to prove wrong.

I know the initial thought of participating might sound scary so here’s a few words from Cincinnati photographer & founder of Project Beauty, Thomas Nguyen, after his first round of the project last year:

“What came next was truly unexpected. I can’t tell you the number of messages I’ve received about how refreshing and eye-opening it was to see themselves this way. I’ve had some of my girls now going to school without any make-up on. I’ve had others who saw their friends taking part, messaging me about wanting to be involved in the next shoot and how it’s helping them to open up about their own struggles.”

Project Beauty is open to young women ages 13-22. A small minimum donation of $20 is requested with 100% of the proceeds being volunteered to a local charity for teens.

YOU can participate in a couple different ways:

  1. EDIT: SPOTS ARE FULL!! 🙂 Book your Project Beauty Mini Session for April 14, 2018. (Once you’ve chosen your time, I will email you a request for payment. Once that is received, your spot is officially saved.)
  2. Donate. Donations can come in many forms. Time, talents, and financially sponsoring a young lady are all appreciated. Volunteers to “feed & hydrate the models” don’t hurt either! If you have questions on how to donate, email me directly at

I look forward to continuing this movement and proving that YOU are not made up of the labels, and restrictions, and self-doubt placed upon you.

Thank you!

Downtown Warren Senior Session

Warren JFK | Lauren

If you follow my Instagram, this is definitely not the first time you’ve seen Lauren! She’s our final 2018 ANP Ambassador to be featured on the blog. (You’ll see more with Lauren from our editorial shoot in Pittsburgh soon enough!) Her senior session took place in downtown Warren which was especially fun for me because even though Warren is super close, I rarely ever get the opportunity to shoot there.

youngstown senior photographer

youngstown senior photographer

I had no clue there was a Women’s Park in the middle of downtown Warren. It’s beautiful and intimate and provides serenity right in the middle of the chaos of downtown.

youngstown senior photographer

Lauren’s style is definitely one to be envied. I won’t insult her by trying to describe it in any way other than original. She could easily have a career in the fashion industry, or become a tennis pro with her skill and dedication, but she’s also highly intelligent and plans to head into the medical field. Honestly, if I had my life half as together at her age, I would’ve been proud!

youngstown senior photographer

Wardrobe change at one of my favorite local coffee shops, Nova Coffee Co, (go check them out, seriously).

youngstown senior photographer

For info on senior sessions, head over to the Contact page or email me at!

Fellows Riverside Garden | Pittsburgh | Senior Session

Fellows Riverside Garden & Pittsburgh

Mineral Ridge Senior | Sarah

Sarah is a current 2018 ANP Ambassador from Mineral Ridge High School. She will be attending Duquesne University in the fall and since that campus’s landscape is pretty much magical and overlooks the city, it was such an ideal spot for her session. We finished up the second half of Sarah’s session right here at home in Fellows Riverside Garden or the Rose Garden as I always call it. The Rose Garden is one of those spots that we take for granted because we live here. We’re used to it. It’s available to us for every dance, wedding, or special event perfectly landscaped and typically flooded with people. We lucked out for Sarah’s session though on a weekday evening and pretty much had the place to ourselves!

youngstown senior photographer

Yes, Duquesne is gorgeous! And yes, the first place I stopped was the front of this parking deck. It ended up being my favorite shot of the day. Do I expect this to be the shot hanging over the mantle or the one in the yearbook? Maybe… but probably not! That’s why variety plays a crucial role during senior sessions!

youngstown senior photographer

youngstown senior photographer

Technically, we weren’t even on campus yet in that first outfit. I admit I can get a bit carried away shooting on random city streets! But Sarah was totally killing it and you’d never know how hot it was, or that a monsoon was about to hit the city, right!?

youngstown senior photographer 

Youngstown, OH

A little bit about Sarah: she’s a doll! She’s easily one of the sweetest girls. She holds her faith close and is obviously a rockstar academically. I had the privilege to see a more playful side of Sarah when she brought her boyfriend to the second part of her shoot back in Youngstown. *Ladies, bring your boyfriend to your shoot!! We snuck in a few photos of the two of them and it was so refreshing to see how supportive and encouraging and helpful he was through her whole shoot.

Those giggles are genuine, you guys! She’s picked a good one.

A butterfly joined us for the end of Sarah’s session. I may have chased it for a few shots, but we got it! Butterflies tend to represent life, or in the Christian religion, resurrection. The English major in me can’t help but to think that butterfly is representing a successful new beginning for Sarah this fall!

Geneva-on-the-Lake Senior Session | Ashley Nicolle Photography

Geneva-on-the-Lake senior session

Warren JFK | Liz

Liz is one of our 2018 ANP Ambassadors! Let’s take a trip back to the warm and sunny days of June to check out her session. Destination sessions are my all time favorite. Some people get freaked out by this idea thinking they need to spend a fortune or travel across the country. Not true! Of course California is always an option, but we have so many cool spots within an hour driving distance to us right here!

For Liz’s session, she wanted to combine a few different elements. Geneva was definitely the perfect spot. It offers a vintage vibe, the lake, and as long as you don’t go during the same week we did (Mayflies had taken over), there’s lots of formal spots too! Liz did an awesome job of planning out her outfits to coordinate with the scenery. When you have a busy background and want to stand out, solids the way to go.

Liz is currently a senior at Warren JFK, she’s class president, highly intelligent, and involved in multiple school activities, sports, and volunteer opportunities. She also has awesome style and is an absolute natural in front of the camera. This town was swarming (no exaggeration) with Mayflies and she didn’t flinch once!

Time traveling.

I grew up spending large chunks of my summer at Lake Erie. The rock-filled bottom and minimal shoreline are super nostalgic. So naturally, I spent way more time on this part of the shoot. Not to mention, Liz was absolutely killing it so why stop!





Simply put, the face of my brand. Think Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein.

But to me, an ambassador stands for so much more than that. It means you value my work enough to want to show it off, you genuinely want to be a part of team who supports and encourages each other, you want unique senior photos that showcase your personality, and if I’m lucky you’re a music junkie like me!


Chandler’s cupcakes for starters. Chandler is our awesome intern and if you’re extra sweet to her, she will be sweet to you. Hint. Hint. Not to mention the extra perks you receive, extra photos, welcome party, gift, promo video, internship opportunity, priority scheduling, blog features, senior film opportunities, group destination shoot opportunity, multiple hangs and creative shoots.

I’m a humanitarian by nature so I include at least one volunteer opportunity for us as a group to giveback to the community each year usually around the holidays.

TRAVEL. If you’ve checked out my Instagram, you know I can’t stay in Ohio for too long and I have lots of killer ideas for next year. Last year was the first year we introduced this and while I love shooting around the staples of our hometown, nothing sparks a little extra creativity like a destination session!


Juniors from around the area who love my work and are comfortable and confident in front of the camera, outgoing, kind, and stylish is definitely a bonus! Teens who support their peers and are involved in their schools and community, those who thrive in a team environment and most importantly who are stoked to represent ANP!

NOTE: As an ANP rep, you are required to have your senior session with Ashley Nicolle Photography. Your ambassador status begins in the spring of your junior year and ends when you graduate. In exchange for all the extra photos and perks, we ask that you not represent any other photographer or hobbyist during that time. Noncompliance with this will mean immediate termination from the team.


So if you skimmed the top part, here’s your summary so far. The ambassador program provides an awesome experience that goes way above the regular senior portrait experience. If you are selected, a $200 session fee deposit will be due. No worries, this will be applied to your senior session as a credit. You still have the freedom to choose from any of our collections or a la carte items sold separately at your reveal.


Applications are open for the Class of 2019!! We have ONE spot remaining to complete our team of 2019 ANP Ambassadors! 

Step One: fill out the application HERE 

Details will follow…